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About Freshpork NZ

Our History In-Brief

Our origins are farming when current Chairman & Founder Denver Glass started pig farming in 1972. By the mid-1980's Denver had developed the farming activity to a production level of some 22,000 finished pigs per year, and he commenced pig carcass marketing beyond the farm gate.

In 1990 separate companies were formed for the farming and marketing operations. In 1996 Stephen Glass became Managing Director of these companies; Freshpork NZ Ltd and Freshpork Farms Ltd.

In 1999 we opened their Levin Division to enhance the activity of fresh cutting and distribution of our product to Nth Isle markets.

In 2004 Freshpork NZ purchased the pig abattoir at Timaru (where the bulk of their kill has developed since the 1980's) and commenced Freshpork Bay City Ltd. FP Bay City is the country's largest pork slaughterhouse and is uniquely a dedicated pig-only plant. Like Levin it incorporates a daily fresh cutting activity.

In 2005 Freshpork NZ purchased an Auckland-based meat wholesaling company that had been a trade customer of ours, and commenced Freshpork Northern Ltd. This company operates a cutting floor in Auckland and same-day delivery of fresh meats to HRI (hotels, restaurants & institutions), with particular focus on ethnic markets. While pork is the dominant meat in this business (70%), all other major meats are offered as well.

In 2006, Retail Meat Services was established to provide contractual packaging services of fresh meat in retail-ready extended shelf-life form. One intention for this company is to provide for development of a fresh pork-meat private label Consumer Brand.

Our Governance

All companies have head office at 92 Russley Road, Christchurch and take governance from its Board of Directors;

1.       Mr Bruce Matheson - Board Chairman
2.       Mr Denver Glass - Director and Founder
3.       Mr Colin Notley - Director
4.       Mr Tony Gardiner - Financial Controller

Key Strategic Partners

1.Transport Nelson Ltd. Freshpork has a key strategic service provider in TNL. They provide a chilled distribution service nationally for around 85% of Freshpork's product. This includes a line-haul/inter-island service and a metro (city) delivery service in all major centres. A five year contractual commitment was entered into in 2004 that has proven a great mutual success. TNL are a company with a professional and focused approach. They have invested in new equipment to deliver a customised chilled freight solution that is exclusive to Freshpork.

2. Lean Meats (Oamaru) Ltd. Lean Meats purchased the assets of ABCO Oamaru (in receivership) in September of 2006. Lean Meats are a Hastings based farmer co-operative that have specialised in gas flush chilled cuts of lamb to the US market. They replace along-standing and successful partnership that we have enjoyed with ABCO, and bring experience and professionalism to the marketing of red meats that we welcome as our new red meat partner in the Sth Isle fresh meat markets.

3. PIC NZ. PIC is the world leader in supply of improved genetics to the pig industry. Freshpork Farms are the single largest customer of PIC NZ and accordingly we enjoy a close working relationship. Freshpork also enjoys a key supply relationship for pork meat to the current owners of PIC NZ; Goodman Fielder.