FRIDAY JULY 25, 2014
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Welcome to Freshpork NZ – the Pork Leader. We are a Canterbury based, privately owned family business that was formed in 1990 as a specialist pork meat wholesaler.

We have launched this site primarily with our farmer suppliers in mind. Future developments are likely to incorporate services for our meat buying wholesale customers.


Recently you may have received a letter in the mail about a farm assesment and audit form. Here are the individual forms that you may wish to download or print:

Post Weaning
Dry Sows

About the site

Please use the links above to find:

Companies - Learn about the structure of the Freshpork organization, as well as those working in it.

Suppliers - If you are a supplier to Freshpork you gain tremendous support, including online reports and technical help.

Contact - Get in contact with us to learn more about our organisation, and how you can benefit being a part of it.